Microservice Architecture: Designed to allow horizontal scaling, our architecture guarantees record-breaking transaction processing speeds.
Since 2018, we have developed and supported innovative products in the cryptocurrency market with the best performance and reliability.
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case asset management Company

  • The client approached us for assistance in developing a high-speed arbitrage trading robot.
  • It was necessary to validate and implement the client’s existing algorithm prototype.
  • Determined the optimal choice of brokers and infrastructure.
  • Developed trading gateways for connection to trading platforms.
  • Implemented the basic algorithm and conducted data collection.
  • Collaborated with the client’s trading desk to analyse the data and refine the basic logic.
  • Launched the solution into industrial operation.
  • Provided full technical support for the solution.
  • After the launch of the alpha version, additional client requirements were incorporated.
  • The basic logic was refined, and new features were developed.
  • We are proud that the client, after a successful collaborative experience, chose us to implement a complex array of new trading ideas across various markets. Our expertise and ability to adapt to client needs and changing market conditions have enabled us to offer the best technical solutions that contribute to our client’s trading success.
  • This has led them to continually return to us for the implementation of more innovative ideas.
  • The user interface, initially developed for the alpha version, was significantly enhanced based on feedback from traders.
  • The solution was successfully launched into industrial operation with full technical support.
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