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Loyalty program on the blockchain — for expressing love and loyalty to the club, your fans get more:
  • access to crypto rewards;
  • special merchandise;
  • a way to monetize their passion.
  • Increase match attendance;
  • Resolve ticket sales complexity;
  • Boost revenue from sales;
  • Increase the number of new fans.
  1. Blockchain selection;
  2. Token issuance;
  3. Distribution of welcome tokens to loyal users;
  4. Holding giveaways, surveys;
  5. Evaluation of pilot results. Decision on circulation.
  • Exchange selection;
  • Listing tokens on an exchange. Revenue generation;
  • Launching the loyalty program website;
  • Marketing campaigns. Working with the fan base according to the marketing plan.
  • The market capitalization of coins in circulation amounted to 13.5 million USD$
  • The market capitalization reached 57 million USD at its peak in late 2022;
  • With 19.5% of the total coin supply in circulation, the potential value of the entire issuance at the current price would be 70 million USD.
  • Token payment;
  • Discounts, vouchers, giveaways, VIP tickets, digital rewards;
  • Bonuses (cashback);
  • Monetization of victories.
  • FC Porto has firmly taken its place among the pioneers who are mastering new technologies in the daily life of the club.
  • Ownership of the token provided fans with a unique experience of interacting with the team;
  • The club strengthened its bonds with fans and gained the ability to release unique NFTs commemorating significant events;
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