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Development of the smart contract

  • Among our customers are both small companies as well as multi-million funds investing in blockchain solutions. NeonLabs cooperated with us to develop multisig solution
  • Development of the smart contract that implements arbitrage between DEX on external contract call
  • Market Data from various DEX could be obtained free of charge but every transaction requires fee payment.
  • Therefore it is desired to monitor Market Data out of a blockchain via proprietary customer algorithm, but at a certain moment trigger a transaction that incorporates trades on 2 DEX in one transaction. Therefore, if one trade fails, second will not be executed which reduces risk on unbalanced positions.
  • evaluate several DEX smart contract API;
  • evaluate PYTH smart contracts API to obtain true asset price;
  • implemented prototype for 2 exchanges and coordinated with customer.
  • adjusted requirements based on required arbitrage speed
  • updated solution based on customer feedback and required trading volume
  • helped customer to properly call smart contract from their SW
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