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Network engineer

We are inviting a talented network engineer to join the team to work on a project to develop a trading platform for the financial sector.

Main goals:

  • Working in a team with DevOps/SRE engineers, managing and developing a network for financial services (Production and Stage environments).
  • Maintenance and development of the corporate network.
  • VPN management, organization of access for employees.
  • Consolidation of virtual (cloud) networks, regions, data centers.
  • Development of an addressing plan, restricting access to internal resources.
  • Managing network infrastructure in code (IaaC paradigm). Everything is declaratively described and stored in repositories.
  • Migrate manually managed resources to Terraform.
  • Organizing and carrying out work without downtime for client services.
  • Managing traffic proxying via Cloudflare.
  • Participation in resolving incidents, finding and eliminating weaknesses.
  • Writing scripts for automation and monitoring.
  • Fine-tuning network services to reduce the latency of client services.
  • Protection of client services from DDoS attacks.

Requirements for a candidate:

  • Experience with AWS network services (VPC, security groups, Route53, transit gateway, tgw-multicast, ACL) or other cloud providers.
  • Strong proficiency in Ansible and Terraform.
  • Mikrotik CHR at the administrator level.
  • Experience in organizing VPN, client and site-to-site (L2TP, Wireguard).
  • Knowledge of Linux at the network administrator level, experience in tuning the network subsystem.
  • Expert experience with TCP/IP, UDP, Multicast, DNS, BGP protocols.

It will be a plus:

  • Availability of relevant Cisco or Mikrotik certificates.
  • Experience in FinTech.

We offer:

  • Comfortable working conditions: flexible schedule, it is possible to work remotely or in one of our offices.
  • Team environment: Work side by side with IT professionals who are willing to share their expertise.
  • Ample opportunity for growth and development: Our work process creates many opportunities for learning and experimentation.
  • Cool projects: we bring the result to perfection so that every team member can proudly say: "I took part in this project."
Network engineer