Microservice Architecture: Designed to allow horizontal scaling, our architecture guarantees record-breaking transaction processing speeds.
Since 2018, we have developed and supported innovative products in the cryptocurrency market with the best performance and reliability.
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Innovative solutions using Rust

At Best Architects, we're forging innovative solutions using Rust.
Our team harnesses the power of Rust's reliability and performance to create robust solutions that elevate businesses.

Why is Google betting on Rust?
Memory safety: Rust minimizes memory safety-related errors, making it ideal for critical projects.
Performance: The language provides high performance comparable to C++.
Reliability: Code written in Rust is more reliable and requires less effort to maintain.
Ease of use: Rust has a convenient syntax and a rich library ecosystem.

Google's Results:
Transitioning from Go to Rust did not increase development time but reduced memory consumption and the number of errors.
Supporting and updating services in Rust requires half the effort compared to C++.
85% of Google developers are confident that Rust code works correctly.
Moreover, Google is not alone in this. Microsoft has already called on developers to switch from C# to Rust.
At the same time, government agencies in the US and other countries also recommend using secure programming languages and moving away from C++.

📢 Whether you're in need of scalable systems, high-performance applications, or secure software solutions, our expertise in Rust empowers us to deliver top-notch results.

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