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Clickhouse DBA

We are looking for a talented Clickhouse DBA to join our team to work on a project to develop a trading platform for the financial sector.

Main goals:

  • Maintenance of existing Clickhouse clusters.
  • Construction of scalable fault-tolerant clusters.
  • Configuring Clickhouse instances.
  • Setting up Replication, Sharding, zookeeper configuration.
  • Setting up and monitoring backups.
  • Optimization of service SQL queries.
  • Optimizing the database for high load.
  • Data warehouse architecture design.

Your skills:

  • Linux administration experience.
  • Confident knowledge of Bash and SQL.
  • Knowledge of the ClickHouse device (the principles of operation of engines, indexes, replication, sharding).
  • Advanced knowledge of relational DBMS: PostgreSQL.

It will be an advantage:

  • Basic knowledge of Docker.
  • Basic Python scripting skills.
  • Experience using configuration management systems: ansible / puppet / saltstack.

We offer:

  • Comfortable working conditions: flexible schedule, it is possible to work remotely or in one of our offices.
  • Team environment: Work side by side with IT professionals who are willing to share their expertise.
  • Ample opportunity for growth and development: Our work process creates many opportunities for learning and experimentation.
  • Cool projects: we bring the result to perfection so that every team member can proudly say: "I took part in this project."
Clickhouse DBA