Microservice Architecture: Designed to allow horizontal scaling, our architecture guarantees record-breaking transaction processing speeds.
Since 2018, we have developed and supported innovative products in the cryptocurrency market with the best performance and reliability.
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Hey guys, hi everyone! Today, we want to tell you about how awesome we welcomed the spring.

On March 1st, our close-knit team gathered online to have a small team-building activity and play "Icebreaker." For almost an hour, we answered unusual questions, "breaking the ice" that hindered our icebreaker from reaching a warm, blooming island. The game helped us switch gears, relax, and see each other not just as professionals but also as amazingly interesting individuals.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event. It was great to all come together, even online! LOL.Today we are hosting an exclusive masterclass on the presentation stage at Blockchain Life 2023. At 3:30 PM we'll speak about 5 steps to build your own crypto exchange – from idea to tech stack and a legal setup.
Come on over and let's talk about building a unique solution to fit your needs!